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Skills Labs

Academic Support for Your Success

Academic Skills Labs are opportunities to improve your college-level abilities in several Academic Areas.

Skills Labs provide support and guidance for you as you build the tools you need to be a successful college student. There is no grade for Skills Labs and nothing will appear on your transcript. 

Investing in Skills Labs is a risk-free way to fortify your academic foundation and increase your success in college and beyond.

Currently Offered Skills Labs

Adulting 101:
Demystify the obscure reality of being an “adult."  Each session will be packed full of important life skills and tools necessary to live independently. Topics include Health and Wellbeing, coping skills, money management, community engagement, conflict resolution, home skills, and more.   


ASC 92:  
Corresponding with the current topic of your ASC 92 course, you can develop skills, practice problems, and receive additional assistance! Each session is eight weeks long. 



Previous and Upcoming Skills Labs

Coming soon:

Critical Thinking: Want to engage with the issues discussed in your courses more effectively? Sign up for our Critical Thinking Skills Lab!

Previous Skills Labs:

Reading: Having trouble retaining or understanding assigned course readings?