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Scholarship Donors

Donors to the BSC Foundation gather for the annual President's Club Dinner at the
Bismarck State College Bavendick Stateroom.
At the Bismarck State College Foundation, we are fortunate to have the support of many individuals and organizations across our community, state, and beyond, to provide financial support to students so that they can pursue their education and reach their career goals. Because Bismarck State College is one of the most affordable institutions in the in the state, a BSC Foundation Scholarship makes a significant impact in a student's educational career - helping BSC students graduate with little or no student debt. 

The lists below acknowledgeS the generous support of the many scholarships offered through the BSC Foundation. 

For new or returning BSC students seeking scholarship assistance, please visit the Admissions page at the link below for more information and application links. We look forward to serving you!

Academic Scholarships
40 Et 8 Voiture 291 Scholarship
Myron Ackerman Memorial Scholarship
Chris Albin Memorial Scholarship
Loyd Spetz American Legion Post #1 Scholarship
Alec Anagnost Memorial Scholarship
Debbie Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Myron & Marjory Atkinson Scholarship
Myron Atkinson Jr. Scholarship
Myron Atkinson Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Patrick Atkinson Scholarships for Enriching ND 
Tim Atkinson Scholarship
BB#13 Ben Berg Memorial Scholarship
Paul Bakkum Scholarship
Brad & Claudia Ballweber Scholarship
Frank Bavendick Memorial Scholarship
Bismarck State College National Alumni Association Scholarship
Bismarck State College Student Government Association Scholarship
Ronald R. Becker Memorial  Scholarship
Don Bigwood Scholarship
Gordon & Paula Binek Scholarship
Bismarck Tribune Nursing Scholarship
David & Myrna Blackstead Scholarship
Paul & Judith Bodmer English Scholarship
Boekes Family Scholarship
Glenn & Julie Bosch Family Scholarship
Ervin & Dorothy Bourgois Memorial Scholarship
Boyd Family Scholarship
Daryl & Donna Braun Scholarship
Walter L. & Lucille Braun Scholarship
Brosz Engineering Scholarship
Robert R. & DeLayne M. Brown Scholarship
Richard Brown Memorial Scholarship
Mike & Peggy Bullinger Scholarship
Marcia Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Pat Higgins Caudel Memorial Scholarship
Marc & Betty Christianson Memorial Scholarship
Jim Christianson Scholarship
William & Patricia Clairmont Family Scholarship
Norman Clark Scholarship
Dakota Community Bank & Trust Scholarship
Cecilia Deichert  Scholarship
Warren DeKrey Scholarship
Gordon Dietrich Scholarship
Pat & Mary Dirk Scholarship
Vern & Lynne Dosch Scholarship
James & Mildred Duffy Memorial Scholarship
Edwin & Dorothy Edlund Memorial Scholarship
Cheryl Elsbernd Scholarship
Marvin E. & Lois J. Erdmann Scholarship
Richard Espeland Scholarship
Dr. Marcus & Margaret Fiechtner Scholarship
Burt Finney Memorial Scholarship
Debra Gallagher & Greg Tschider Scholarship
Deb Gallagher Scholarship
Milan & Olivia Ganser Scholarship
Gate City Bank Scholarship
Gateway Pharmacy Scholarship
Florence P. George Memorial Scholarship
John Giese Scholarship
Frank Gilchrist Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer Gladden Memorial Scholarship
Ray Grabar Scholarship
Great Plains & EmPower ND Scholarship
John Hammer Scholarship
Vern & Doris Hansen Memorial Scholarship
Lena Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Harvey Harris Memorial Scholarship
Steven Harris Memorial Scholarship
Gerrie Ellis Hase Scholarship
Dr. Beulah M. Hedahl Memorial Scholarship
Joan E. Hedahl Memorial Scholarship
Neil Hedahl Memorial Scholarship
Winnifred Coyne Hedahl Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Warren & Rose Marie Henke Memorial Scholarship
Tim Hennessy Scholarship
Bryce & Maxine Hill Scholarship
Hites Family Foundation/Walt & Norma Fiedler Memorial Scholarship
Ken Hoff Memorial Scholarship
Ray & Gertha Hoffman Scholarship
Michael Hummel Scholarship
Niles & Ginger Hushka Scholarship
Chuck & Carol Iten Scholarship
Tom Jack Memorial Scholarship
Judith Ekberg Johnson Scholarship
Norman Kamins Memorial Scholarship
Jim Kirkeide Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Kleppe Memorial Scholarship
Scott Klingenstein Memorial Scholarship
Thomas C. Knudson Memorial Scholarship
Frank Koch Memorial Scholarship
Loren Kopseng Scholarship
Dr. Eugene & Carol Kralicek Memorial Scholarship
Ed Kringstad Memorial Scholarship
Brian Kroshus Scholarship
Ken LaMont Memorial Scholarship
Keith & Marlys Landeis Scholarship
Peter & Marcella Lang Memorial Scholarship
Langerud Family Scholarship
Leonard & Doris Larshus Memorial Scholarship
Leona P. & Francis A. Larson/JC Penney Scholarship
Harold King Larson Memorial Scholarship
Mary Morris Laschkewitsch Memorial Scholarship
Leibole Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kermit Lidstrom Memorial Scholarship
Evan E. Lips Memorial Scholarship
David Ludwig Scholarship
Thomas Marple & Michele Doyle Scholarship
Peter A. & Judy N. Masset Scholarship
Susanne Delaney Mattheis Memorial Scholarship
David & Linda McAdoo Scholarship
Michael McCormack Scholarship
Sam McQuade, Sr. Charity Softball Tournament Scholarship
Bruce Meland Memorial Scholarship
Sam & Bertha Merritt Memorial Scholarship
Dennis F. Meyer Scholarship
Military Family Scholarship
Henry & Agnes Miller Memorial Scholarship
William "Bill" Mills Memorial Scholarship
Roy & Patricia Mindt Scholarship
MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship
Dr. James Moses Memorial Scholarship
LeRoy Nayes Memorial Scholarship
Carl & Leora Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Joan Nordstrom Scholarship
ND Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship
Marcia Olson Memorial Scholarship
Doris Orr Memorial Scholarship
Dale Pahlke & Cindy Schaaf Scholarship
Greg & Lynette Painter Scholarship
Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Scholarship
Jack & Kristen Paris Scholarship
Arthur & Edith Pearson Foundation Scholarship
John Pierson Scholarship
Tom & Mary Probst Scholarship
Ken & Carmen Reno Scholarship
Kenneth Reno Scholarship
Lloyd Ritchie Memorial Scholarship
Warren Robinson Scholarship
William Roesgen Scholarship
Larry & Faye Rolfson Scholarship
Donald L. Russell Memorial Scholarship
Barbara Nicola Saba Memorial Scholarship
Erik Sakariassen Scholarship
Paul & Patricia Sandness Scholarship
Paul Sandness Scholarship
Sanford Health Scholarship
Harold Schafer Memorial Scholarship
Joan & Donald Schatz Memorial Scholarship
Herb Schimmelpfennig Memorial Scholarship
Clara Schleicher Memorial Scholarship
Kay Schlosser Scholarship
Karen A. & Fred A. Schmidt Scholarship
Carol Schmierer Memorial Scholarship
Michael Schmitz Scholarship
Lyle & Charlene Schuchard Scholarship
Jane & Gary Schulz Scholarship
Steve & Janet Schwan Scholarship
Mary Moses Schwichtenberg Memorial Scholarship
John & Mary Shaffer Scholarship
Ken & Anne Shaffer Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Shertzer Scholarship
Cliff & Mary Skogen Memorial Scholarship
Gerald Skogley Scholarship
Edward & Gladys Smith Memorial Scholarship
Steven Stack Memorial Scholarship
Jason & Dr. Nigeria Stahl Scholarship
Bob Stenehjem Memorial Scholarship
Dwayne Sticka Scholarship
St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Paul R. Swanson Memorial Scholarship
Margaret & Harley Swenson Scholarship
Swenson, Hagen & Co. Scholarship
Adrian & Ardeth Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Aldeen Paris Welsh Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Francisco & Bertha Tello Scholarship
Cedric K. & Mary K. Theel Scholarship
Dr. Donna S. Thigpen Nursing Scholarship
Harvey Thorson Memorial Scholarship
Linda & Robert Tonolli Scholarship
Bill Townsend Scholarship
Irene & Morris Tschider Scholarship
Irene Tschider Scholarship
Richard Tschider Memorial Scholarship
Glenn C. & Leola Vantine Memorial Scholarship
Wachter Family Scholarship
Curt & Beverly Walth Scholarship
Curt Walth Scholarship
Robert & Lillian Ward Scholarship
Lyle Warner Memorial Scholarship
John Weeda Scholarship
Tony Welder Scholarship
Ralph Werner Memorial Scholarship
Michael H. & Mavis Wickstrom Memorial Scholarship
Anita & Loretta Wilson Scholarship
Albert & Karen (Rausch) Wolf Family Scholarship
Howard Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
Kurt F. & Lois J. Zerr Scholarship
Mark Zimmerman Scholarship
Cybersecurity Scholarships
Myron Ackerman Memorial Scholarship
Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Scholarship
CyberCon Conference Scholarship
Energy Scholarships
Allen Energy Scholarship
American Transmission Company Scholarship
Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management Scholarship
Bakken U Scholarship
Cass County Electric Cooperative Lineworker Scholarship
ConocoPhillips Scholarship
DarbyTech Training Equipment Scholarship
Energy Progress and Innovation Conference Scholarship
The Falkirk Mining Company Scholarship
Frank Bavendick Memorial Scholarship
Great River Energy Scholarship
Hess Corporation Scholarship
HVAC Elements Scholarship
Loren Kopseng Scholarship
Malloy Electric Scholarship
Marathon Petroleum Corporation Scholarship
MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship
NoDak Electric Cooperative Scholarship
North American Coal-Falkirk Mine Scholarship
ONEOK Scholarship
Otter Tail Power Company Scholarship
Jack & Kristen Paris Scholarship
John A. “Jack” Schuchart Memorial Scholarship
Strothman Family Scholarship
Adam Wilkens Memorial Scholarship
Xcel Energy Scholarship
Journalism Scholarships
Bismarck Tribune Celebrate 2000 Legacy Scholarship
William & Marietta Ekberg Scholarship
Joan Elizabeth Hedahl Memorial Scholarship 
Literary Arts Editors Scholarship
Mystician Editors Scholarship
John R. Sakariassen Scholarship
Dorothy Shertzer Memorial Scholarship
Performing Arts Scholarships
The Performing Arts include Chorus, Band, Theater and Technical Theater. Scholarships will be awarded to students who have special talent in those areas. Recipients must participate in performing arts activities at BSC within their area of talent. 

Lydia Bavendick Memorial Scholarship
Daryk Brown Memorial Scholarship
Capitol City Lions Scholarship
Civic Chorus Vocal Scholarship
Brett R. Dvirnak Memorial Scholarship
Martha Jack Memorial Scholarship
Peg Jack Memorial Scholarship
John & Amanda Kuether Memorial Scholarship
Tom & Frances Leach Foundation Scholarship
Sidney J. Lee Memorial Scholarship
Sam & Bertha Merritt Memorial Scholarship
Tom & Mary Probst Scholarship
Larry & Faye Rolfson Scholarship
Betty Sakariassen Memorial Scholarship
Sheila Schafer Memorial Scholarship
Harold & Karen Schulz Scholarship
John & Mary Shaffer Scholarship
Jane Gray Stewart Memorial Scholarship
Bertha Wanner Memorial Scholarship
Technical Scholarships
Alliance Pipeline - Wayne Schonert Memorial Scholarship
Basin Electric Power Cooperative Welding Scholarship
Bis-Man Homebuilders Association Scholarship
Ervin and Dorothy Bourgois Memorial Scholarship 
CHS Foundation Ag Scholarship 
Glenn & Julie Bosch Family Scholarship
Bill Clairmont Memorial Scholarship
Corvettes of Dakota Territory Automotive Technology Scholarship
Dakota Community Bank & Trust Scholarship
G & R Controls Scholarship
Great River Energy Welding Scholarship
Dean Gunsch Memorial Scholarship
Troy Hanson Memorial Scholarship
HVAC Elements Scholarship
Jim Kirkeide Memorial Scholarship
Robert Kuntz Memorial Scholarship
Marathon Petroleum Welding Scholarship
MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship
North American Coal - Falkirk Mine Scholarship
ND Auto Body Association Scholarship
Dale Pahlke & Cindy Schaaf Scholarship
Ken Paulus Memorial Scholarship
Arthur Pearson Foundation Scholarship
Roughrider Chevrolet Club Scholarship
Sanford Health Scholarship
Sarah Ann Haugen Memorial Scholarship
Jamie & Kristi Schmidt Scholarship
Steve Sharp Memorial Scholarship
Wachter Family Scholarship
Lyle Werner Memorial Scholarship
Visual Arts Scholarships
Visual Arts Scholarships will be awarded to students who have special talent in the visual arts area (drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry, etc.) The recipient must participate in Visual Arts Program at BSC.

Ervin & Dorothy Bourgois Memorial Scholarship
Leibole Memorial Scholarship
Marlowe Ann Regan Memorial Scholarship